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Best Of Year 2015-2016

Class: DPI
Title: "Young Sea Turtle"
Photographer: Susan Toppel

Class: B Small Color
Title: "Palm Leaf"
Photographer: Donna Pinkus

Class: Traditional
Title: "Hmm, Should I Frolic or Flee"
Photographer: Heather Piniak

Class: A Small Mono
Title: "Skyscrapers of Chicago"
Photographer: Dolly Gonzalez

Class: A Small Color
Title: "Polinating"
Photographer: Inge Garshnek

Class: AA Small Mono
Title: "Pretty Eyes"
Photographer: Cheryl Addleman

Class: AA Small Color
Title: "Lion King"
Photographer: Sharon Victor

Class: Large Color
Title: "Classic in a Barn"
Photographer: Homer Keller

3H Camera Club™ is a proud member of
Chicago Area Camera Clubs (CACCA)
and Photographic Society of America (PSA).
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2017/2018 Season

Salvation Army
8225 Columbia Ave, Munster, IN 46321

Next Meeting:
March 5, 2018
7:00 P.M.

Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Programs:

Michael Kirkland
NIK Software
March 5, 2018

Arnold Koenig
Why Am I Looking Up: Bird Photography in SW Suburbs
April 2, 2018

Year End Competition
May 7, 2018

Award Banquet
May 21, 2018

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